KENSINGTON MARKET // 6.12.2015 // Zürich

Wir sind beim Kensington Market in Zürich dabei!

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She is my muse.

As I found this stunning creme coloured lace I had to take it immediately! This lace renders a very historical touch to this two ruffs. I used all the lace I had could buy, so this ruffs are unique single copies.

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Finally two new items are ready: Priest Collars.

Perfect to combine with Rosaries and other necklaces. Wear it to your long or short black dress, your airy blouse or whatever you want and stay weird.


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Credit Card Payments

We are finally able to accept credit card payments!


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As I met a good old friend of mine we talked about a christmas present I gave her some years ago.

It was kind of a ruffle collar in black / white. She told me that I should create some stuff like this one again. 

Here are the first results, hope you like my dear;)


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Proud to introduce you the result of the collaboration with the model D-Plastik from Greece wearing our Papillon Grotesque Ruff.

Check out her fan site

Model: D-Plastik
Photographer: John Tsilidis Photography 
Stylist, Headdress, Clothing: Nocturne Jewellery
Elizabethan Ruff: Blaubluth

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